Directed since its creation by Gilsamara Moura, the Gestus Group has a work that promotes meetings with artists and institutions related to dance research. Created in 1990, in the city of Araraquara, it was initially formed by dancers who, dissatisfied with the traditional teaching standards in dance academies, built an artistic nucleus of research and creative development, envisioning a new form of organization for dance in Araraquara- SP.

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There are more than 20 dance shows, all content with texts, videos and photographs.

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Sentido, Horizonte y Proyecto de las escuelas formadoras de docentes, en mexico y america latina

Gilsamara Moura é convidada para dialogar sobre a formação de profissionais, docentes e temas relacionados para a construção de consciência crítica na educação Latino Américana.

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