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Gestus Group participates in the program of the 6th Dance Journey of Bahia



Salvador BA


The 6th Dance Journey of Bahia, which takes place between November 30 and December 7, brings to Salvador 13 performances by artists from the United States, France, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Goiânia and Bahia. With a focus on education and dance, the meeting will also hold five workshops, and will also host the 2nd Dance Educators Forum, which will bring together teachers from Bahia and Brazil.

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Created in 2005, with the objective of promoting artistic exchange and encouraging reflection on the teaching of contemporary dance, the Day seeks to establish connections between artists, teachers and students, through technical improvement, incentive to creation, observations and opinions around of proposals with different methodologies. The event is inspired by Isadora Duncan and her dance philosophy. Considered a pioneer of modern dance, Duncan created a cultural phenomenon that not only changed the character of traditional ballet, but also restored dance, attention and prestige to the arts, transforming it into a possibility of artistic reflection of our time.


In Bahia, the Contemporary School of Dance and the School of the Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia (Funceb), which celebrates 30 years in show within the Jornada, develop the style of Isadora Duncan. The main attraction of the event is the American Lori Belilove, considered the most authentic interpreter of Isadora Duncan's style in the world. The artist, who has already been photographed for the documentation of the technique and Duncan repertoire at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, will perform on Saturday (6), as a guest of the Contemporary Ensemble group in the show 'Forever Isadora'. The artist will also teach a Workshop on the Technique of Isadora Duncan, a Dance Workshop for Children and a Dance Workshop for Young People, at Espaço Xisto Bahia.


Meet the shows

The opening of the event takes place on Sunday (30), at TCA, with the shows 'Sob Rasura' from the Ballet of the Castro Alves Theater (BTCA), which takes as a motto the reform of the theater itself, and 'Arte que teura', presented by Escola Contemporânea de Dança and directed by Fatima Suarez, inspired by the homonymous poem by Paulo Leminski to create a transversal work with architecture.

We are a family owned and operated business.

On Monday (1), the evening will be opened by the group from Goiás, Giro 8. Soon after, children, teenagers and young people present their works, either author or collective, within the project O INventeExperiment. The initiative takes place for the second time and aims to encourage choreographic creation. Elis Regina and Frida Kahlo are the sources of inspiration for the shows that will be presented on Tuesday (02/12). 'FRIDA-ME', played by Márcio Cunha and Ana Paula Bouzas, has as reference for its creation the works of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who died 60 years ago. 'Crazy (revisited)', Gilsamara Moura, works as a memoir with impressions of some passages from Elis Regina's career, brought by songs, which make the show engaging and full of good memories.


Musician Walter Smetak and choreographer Mestre King will meet for free on Wednesday (3), with the shows 'Tak' by Balé Jovem de Salvador and 'Raimundos' by Bruno de Jesus. On Friday (5), the Jornada pays tribute to the choreographer and teacher Augusto Omolú, with the show 'Um Olhar em Flmas', by Cia IN-CONTRO. In the same session, the French Compagnie Ladainha presents 'RBB & QdP', body poetry performed by Armando Pekeno and Michelle Brown. On the last day of the Day, Sunday (7), the Funceb Dance School performs a show in celebration of its 30 years. In addition, dance teachers present the Didactic Exhibition 'O Lugar do Sensível', as a result of the workshops by Armando Pekeno, Michelle Brown, Lori Belilove and Tíndaro Silvano, within the Dance Educators Forum.