Cortadores, by Mário Nascimento (BH), starts from the assumption that resistance to domination manifests itself not only through the political visibility of institutionalized channels and instruments, but in a fragmented way in the banal dimensions of the daily life of a rural worker.

We researched the trajectory of the emergence, consolidation and exclusion of the “bóia-frio”, trying to reflect on the characteristics, peculiarities and effectiveness in their daily work. The internal game of conformism, non-conformity, resistance and domination.

Based on the assumption that our current work is manifested in a multifaceted and extremely artistic manner, we will enable the insertion and diffusion of a quality artistic show in society and thus contribute to a cultural action, the integration of art / society.

We are a family owned and operated business.

From the 'Art of cutting cane' there would be a long history to be written - history of manual strength, survival, overcoming. And another, much less worthy, version of exploitation, political control and domination.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The docility-utility relationship is wide open making man the more obedient, the more useful, and conversely; it defines how one can have dominion over the other's body so that they operate as they want and the effectiveness that is determined.




Submissive bodies / Docile bodies.

Direction: Gilsamara Moura

Assistant Director: Kranya Díaz-Serrano

Conception and Creation: Mário Nascimento (BH)

Cast: Gilsamara Moura, Luzinete Silva, Pablo Lozano, Rafael Otoni, Sabrina Kelly

Illuminator: Ricardo Portari Filho

Costumes: Your Kingdom Costumes by Lúcia Furtado

Soundtrack: Hernán Battiato