"Grupo Gestus has a job that promotes and promotes meetings with artists and institutions related to dance research."

We are a family owned and operated business.

In the city of Araraquara / São Paulo / Brazil, the Gestus Group was initially formed by a dancer who, unsatisfied with traditional teaching standards in dance academies and who built an artistic nucleus of research and creative development, envisioning a new form of organization for dance in Araraquara .

We are a family owned and operated business.

The name only emerged from the Brechtian concept of 'social gestus'. Directed since its creation by Gilsamara Moura, Grupo Gestus has a work that promotes and promotes meetings with artists and institutions related to dance research.


"It inaugurated a new trajectory of collective and collaborative actions"

In 2006, it inaugurated a new trajectory of collective and collaborative actions, based on activist research (Artivism), focusing on one of its main goals, which is to strengthen environments for exchange and exchange.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In 2007, the group had the exclusive sponsorship of the company LUPO, via the Federal Government's tax incentive law, the Rouanet law, which enabled the production and national and international circulation of projects developed by Gestus.


"He performed at countless events, festivals and meetings in Brazil"

In his career, he was awarded the Encena Brasil / 2002, Caravana Funarte / 2004, Klauss Vianna de Dança / 2007 and others.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Presented in numerous events and rooms in Brazil, among them: Araraquara International Dance Festival, Santos Dance Biennial, Araraquara Dance Festival, Circuit 1, 2, 3 Petrobrás, SESI Dance Circuit, SESC Itinerance, São Paulo Municipal Theater, Rio de Janeiro Choreographic Center, Belo Horizonte Ambient Space, São Paulo's Olido Gallery, Quasar Space in Goiânia, Solar Boa Vista and Teatro do Movimento in Salvador, among others.


"Participated in several international dance meetings and festivals"

He participated in several international dance meetings and festivals in countries such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, United States, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Mexico and Portugal.

We are a family owned and operated business.

He joined the IPL / 2008 international artist residency project and participated in the international cooperation project “Fronteiras”, both in Lima-Peru.

Co-produces the International Dance Festival of Araraquara / São Paulo, Fronteiras Brasil and ORIzzontale: incontri per estar, in Brescia / Italy.

Gestus is collective, it 's action!

  • Danilo Santos de Miranda

    Director of SESC SP

    “... it is an extraordinary feat, it is a very rare thing to happen and it greatly magnifies us, much it praises us as a place where Dance has a significant and important role ...”

  • Edinho Silva

    Mayor of the city of Araraquara - SP

    "... the Gestus Group was one of the main formulators, thinkers of culture in Araraquara, not only of Dance, through the Gestus Group, the culture of Araraquara was thought, rethought and organized ..."

  • Vanilton Lakka

    Dance teacher at UFU - MG

    “... 30 years of hard work, persistence and creation in Dance in this country. Congratulations to the group, congratulations to Gilsa and congratulations to everyone who has the history of Gestus embodied in their own history, like me. "

  • Carlos Fonseca

    Dance Teacher at the Municipal Dance School Iracema Nogueira - SP

    "... the Rite of Spring, was proof that Gestus came to revolutionize, to transform the city of Araraquara, to place it on the national and international dance scene ..."

A built history


  • Kranya Victoria Díaz Serrano

    PhD Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry of Ribeirão Preto - USP

    “... Gestus transcended the contours of Dance, occupying spaces with multiple functionalities. The dance in Araraquara gained the value of its specificity and Gestus was the protagonist of these actions ... ”

  • Claudinei Garcia

    Dancer and Teacher at Dancenter Arte - Portugal

    "... Gilsamara and Gestus gave me the first opportunity to choreograph, and it was my first time that I won an award as a choreographer ..."

  • Luzinete Silva

    Dance Artist of Gestus Group and Embalanço Group - SP

    “... I climbed so many steps, in different instances of my life, I can only be grateful, I can only say: thank you Gestus! Great! That you exist and resist, how good I met you all, how good that life still allows me to be part of it ... ”

  • Fábio Costa

    Dance Artist at Gestus- SP

    “... it opened the doors to the world of art, to the world of life, there were 15 countries, all over Brazil, and always taking Araraquara and the group from which it all started ...”

  • Nicolas Fernandes

    Artist, teacher and producer in Dance from Gestus and Grupo Camaleão / MG - SP

    “... I have been a member of the Gestus Group since I was 15 years old ... ... I currently work with Dance, I teach social projects, so I am very happy and thank everything I learned and everything I learn from the group Gestus. I can say as soon as I live on Dance ... ”

  • Weber Fonseca

    Actor, director, producer and activist LGBTIA + - SP

    “... I was there at the first performance of the Gestus Group, 30 years ago, and I have a very strong affective memory of the rehearsals and the presentation itself at IEPA ... I could never imagine that years later I would be so involved with Dance as I still am today ... ”

  • Gilson Almeida

    Physical education teacher and Mestre de Capoeira - SP

    "... in this dynamic with the capoeira classes with contemporary dance, I learned a lot, I learned a lot in relation to the creation of the movement and that made a big difference in my classes ..."

  • Angela Jacobino

    Physiotherapist - Portugal

    "... Every time I think of you, I think you are part of a movement, of a collective, that you have always worked in the collective for the collective ..."

  • Victor Antônio

    Gestus driver

    “... Over time, I participated in numerous presentations, and in the end we felt warm and emotional applause for the presentation of this group. Now, as it celebrates three decades of success recognized not only in Brazil, but also in countries in South America, the United States, Europe, successes that were built with hard work and dedication, with a lot of love for Dance and theater. . ”

“Gestus Group is movement, it is claw, it is attitude, it is stage, it is art, it is life”



Leonice Molers

Mother of Gilsamara Moura

“Gestus 30 years old, Gestus I saw being born, and always with a lot of emotion and wanting to contribute with my enthusiasm, I followed the studies, the rehearsals, always throbbing about the costumes and other things, of each show. I've always been there, applauding, applauding and applauding. “

  • Aline Viveiro

    Coordinator of the Physiotherapy course at the National Autonomous University - Mexico

    “... Congratulations on transforming bodies, minds, life stories. Those who participated know that this group made a big difference. we are going to put another 30 years, thanks for so much. ”

  • Pablo Lozano

    Gestus Dance Artist and in several international companies

    “Gestus, where I was born, grew up, where I came from. It is in my essence. “

  • Erica Petroni

    Gesti Physiotherapist and Dance Artist - SP

    “The yo - yo was happy, it portrayed memories, memories. we started by fuxing on stage, there was a scene, in which there was a projection of some ladies that they kept embroidering the yo - yo while they talked. It was the show to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Gestus. We ended up in a big wheel, all holding hands. ”

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